Yoga Techniques And Their Benefits

s555Yoga is a form of exercise that offers the body a wide range of psychological and physical benefits. This exercise is all about stretching your body in different meditation and forms.

With the many types available, however, it can be difficult to differentiate them. If you are finding it hard to distinguish them, here are some of the yoga techniques and their benefits:

  1. Tadasana/ Mountain Pose

This is the introductory standing pose. It equips you with skills on how to correctly stand while increasing the awareness of the body. To master this technique, you need to stand with your feet together, tighten the knees, and with your shoulders relaxed and pressed down, lift your chest.

It improves your body alignment and also remedies bad posture.

  1. Uttanasana/ Intense Forward Stretch

This is an improved form of Tadasana that involves inhaling with your hands stretched up and exhaling as your reach down with your hands. Using your palms, try to press down.

This technique tones the spleen, liver, abdominal region as well as the kidneys. It also stretches the spine and the hamstrings.

  1. Adhomukha Svanasana

This technique is also referred to as downward facing dog stretch, and it involves lying down on the floor with your stomach facing downwards, placing your hands close to the chest area, and raising your trunk while exhaling. It also entails straightening your arms, moving your head towards the feet, and pressing your heels firmly into the ground with your knees straight forming an inverted V.

It reduces stiffness around the shoulder region, calms the brain, and tone up the legs.

  1. Utthita Trikonasana

Also known as extended triangle pose, Utthita Trikonasana, entails standing in Tadasana pose. This technique requires you to keep your feet approximately four feet apart, stretch your hands sideways, and then bend your right knee at an angle of ninety degrees.

As you do this, be careful not to push the knee past the ankle. And as you exhale, put your right palm on the ground just outside your right foot and then stretch your left arm over your left ear. Repeat the same process on the other side.

This technique strengthens and tones the legs, relieves arthritic pain, and improves the lung capacity.

With the many yoga techniques available, it is normal to get confused to an extent that you cannot tell the difference between them. However, you should not use this as an excuse to avoid yoga. Yoga is good for your overall health, and it is just noble that you to take part in it. The above are some of the yoga techniques and their benefits. Know them.

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