How to take cacao and gain the health benefits

Raw cacao is available in powdered form, and it is one of the supplements that are packed with benefits. The trick comes in learning how to eat the raw cacao and gain all the nutritious benefits that come with it. The mistake that many people are eating the cacao with other unhealthy products and this becomes a waste. For instance, there is no way you can mix the cacao with highly processed sugar because this automatically compromises the nutritional quality of cacao.

Interesting ways of taking cacao

Add to your smoothie

One of the best ways of taking cacao powder is adding it to your smoothie. If you have a pre-workout smoothie or any other type of smoothie, then the best time to get the benefits of cacao is by incorporating the powder into the smoothie. The cacao powder boosts energy and will keep you energized throughout the day. You will get an opportunity of taking the cacao even without noticing it. If you don’t like the taste of raw cacao, then taking it with a smoothie is a good way to neutralize the taste because it will blend with the taste of the smoothie.


Fruit salad topping

It is possible to use cacao as a topping for your fruit salad. When taking your favorite bowl of fruit salad, take a spoonful of cacao powder and spread it all over the fruit salad. This is a good way to take cacao because you will combine it with the flavors of the fruit and you don’t have to put up with the raw taste of the powder.

Cacao Brownies

Instead of using the normally processed cocoa used in making brownies, you can substitute it with cacao powder to achieve the brown color of brownies. However, you need to remember that the goal of cacao is maintaining good health and therefore you should make sure that you substitute the sugar with a natural sweetener like honey.

Cacao beverage drink

If you don’t mind the taste of cacao, then the healthiest way is to take it in the form of a beverage. When taking it as a beverage, remember not to add processed sugar because this will only compromise health benefits of cacao. Some people prefer to take it chilled on a sunny day as a healthy beverage.


Creative cacao recipes

It is possible to get creative and come up with healthy recipes for making granola bars, oat cakes, and other healthy food options. The trick is always to make sure that you come up with a healthy recipe.