Things You Need To Know Before Having Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be best described as a surgical procedure specifically aimed at increasing the size of breasts or restoring breast volume. Look for  las vegas plastic surgery experts for breast augmentation. It is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the modern world with a majority of candidates being women who wish to enhance smaller breasts and also women who wish to restore their breast size after pregnancy.

For individuals wish to undergo this procedure, the following are some of the most important factors that should be considered before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.

Type of implants

As a norm, a breast augmentation specialist has first to ascertain that you are a viable candidate for a series of medical tests. After this, the next step would be to select the kind of breast implant that you may sdkfjskjfslkjfkslwish to have inserted

Breast implants are usually divided into two categories: saline breast implants and silicone implants. Saline implants are usually implanted while empty after which sterile salt water is injected into the implant. Silicone implants, on the other hand, incorporate the use of a pre-filled sac filled with a gel-like silicone compound.

Silicone implants tend to have a more natural feel but require a larger incision for them to be inserted. Saline implants have an advantage of being more cost-effective than silicone implants but do not have the same natural feel associated with silicone implants


The size of a breast augmentation implant should also be considered before going for a breast augmentation procedure. As a rule, you should create a perfect balance between your body symmetry and breast size so as to avoid awkward looking breasts.

Most practitioners will give you advise on the most appropriate breast cup size specific to your body structure, but you always have the option of going for a larger cup size if you feel like


The kind of incision made is another important aspect of breast augmentation that you must place emphasis on. This is because incisions play a major role on whether there will be noticeable scarring or not.

There are 3 types of incisions: an armpit incision, nipple incision, and an under-the-breast incision. As a norm, a surgeon will choose an incision that will bring about the least amount of scarring, but this is largely dependent on the type of implant being used


You most likely have a budget and as such, the cost of procedure also comes into focus. As mentioned earlier, the type of implant will largely dictate the overall cost of the procedure with silicone implants being more expensive compared to saline implants.