What makes Nerve Renew effective in treating neuropathy

Nerve Renew, the supplement used for neuropathy support, has become quite popular. Thus, it is recommended for anyone experiencing nerve pains. Its popularity is attributed to its effectiveness in alleviating nerve pains. Real reviews from actual users are available in large numbers to back up the fact. It is also cheaper compared to other competing products used to treat nerve pain. According to the official NeuropathyCure website, the ingredients used in the formula are responsible for making it as effective as it is. All the primary ingredients used to make it are described below.

Main ingredients in Nerve Renew

Vitamin BASDcASzdsxcCd

Vitamin B is well known to help deal with nerve problems. Nerve Renew contains it at an increased bioavailability of up to 3 times. This makes it a lot easier for your body to absorb it as opposed to other products that simply fill your body with the difficult to absorb vitamin B1, also known as thiamine. Bioavailability is increased by the vitamin B1 being delivered through benfotiamine that can easily be absorbed by the body through the cell membranes directly to the actual cells. The toxicity level of benfotiamine is also a lot lower than that of thiamine, meaning minimal or no side effect will be experienced.

Vitamin B12

Nerve Renew contains vitamin B12 as well, delivered via methylcobalamin instead of cyanocobalamin, which is more common but less effective. Methylcobalamin has been proven scientifically to stimulate regeneration of nerves in very high dosages.

R-Alpha lipoic acid

sDcScaDScAThe supplement makes use of R-Alpha lipoic acid in its stabilized form, a very strong antioxidant, to alleviate nerve pain in an efficient way. The stabilized version is up to 12 times better when compared to the non-stabilized version found in most popular nerve repair supplements. The acid is known to improve the efficiency of glucose transportation in cells and reduce the damage that is caused by free radicals, meaning that it can work well to the interest of neuropathy patients who have diabetes.

Herbal extracts

The supplement contains a proprietary mixture that is designed to improve the product’s effectiveness. Despite being proprietary, there are a few known extracts contained in it that are well known. The extracts include oak straw, skullcap, feverfew, and passionflower extracts. In overall, they all work together to reduce pain and inflammation, tranquilize the nervous system, improve nerve health, reduce stress and anxiety, and sooth itchy skin.