Erectile dysfunction can be defined as a man’s inability to have an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. This is usually a common cause in all men at some point in their lives. This dysfunction can be a one of the reasons for men to have low self-esteem.

Be anxious and frustrated or even feel angry. In most cases others end up losing interest in sex totally, and this can be a significant threat to the relationship. This article will help you know how to deal with impotence as commonly known.


ED (erectile dysfunction) is very common. In fact, it is one of the most common male sexual problems. It approximately affects over 140 million male worldwide. Even though ED can feel personal, it is never advisable to blame oneself for a partner’s dysfunction because, in most cases, it is a combination of causes. And in most cases ED is rarely caused by the partner they are having sex with. In old men the blood vessels are usually the main reason for this dysfunction.


When you experience ED, the following will help you to cope quickly:

-Go slow with pills. Drugs will always work. However, you should know that erections will not always occur on command.

-Remove the pressure. If you relieve your penis off the pressure and try something else for some time, you may relieve yourself a lot. Some of the activities include sex toys, oral sex, vibrators among others. It is also a good thing to try something new for example watching or reading something sexy together, ramping up your foreplay or even coming up suggestions of some of the things you have never tried before.

-Visit the doctor. If you get medical advice from a gynecologist, you are in a better position to cope up with ED. If your partner accompanies you to the doctor, the better because they are real partners.


Whatever it takes, you should not shut down your line of emotional communication. It is of great importance to listen to your heart. Some of the best ways on how to deal with impotence involve communication. This is because the lesser you communicate, the more psychological strain you may suffer. This is evident in most people that are trying to cope with ED. Your doctor or your partner may always be the best people to talk to because they are much trustworthy and also non-judgmental, openly talking to them may come in handy and help you recover a lot.